Payout offers the latest features to reduce error rates and make payments simpler

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Key features

Payout Solution

Transfer funds to account, UPI ID, and wallets* instantly

  • Smart routing among 6 banks that guarantees higher uptime & success rate

  • Supported on IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, AmazonPay, and Paytm rails

  • Support various method to initiate payouts: Dashboard, bulk upload along with the maker-checker process and API 

  • Velocity checks at merchant as well as at the beneficiary level

  • Simple APIs for payout, reconciliations; webhooks for a status update

  • Comprehensive MIS report for payouts, failures, and available balance

Payouts - Direct 

Make payout directly from merchant’s account

  • Support on Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, and Kotak* (more banks in the pipeline)

  • Support on IMPS and NEFT rails

  • API based or file upload

  • Velocity checks (merchant & beneficiary level)

Bank Account and UPI ID Validation 

Validate the correctness of beneficiary’s bank details or UPI ID

  • Check beneficiary’s bank details (account number, name)

  • Verify UPI ID and beneficiary name

  • Simple API integration; Verify multiple beneficiaries in a single API call


Link-based payout solution where the beneficiary can choose payment instrument

  • Coverage: Bank a/c, UPI ID, Paytm, AmazonPay

  • Great customer experience with instant refund

  • Reduce operation efforts; No need of gathering customer account details

  • Beneficiary can choose their preferred instrument 

  • Comprehensive MIS & Dashboard to track redemption cycle