Find answers to what if Cashgram payment fails? What if customer phone no. is incorrect? and more

Q. What happens if the user fails to get money using Cashgram?

If the user fails to get money using Cashgram, it will show up on your dashboard. Most users fail to get money because of exceeding OTP limits.  

Q. What happens if the customer enters an incorrect bank account while redeeming a Cashgram?

If the customer enters an invalid bank account number or IFSC code we will notify him on the web page. But if the customer enters a valid but incorrect account number the money will be transferred to that bank account.

Q. Why is a customer’s Cashgram status showing as Pending? 

Once the customer submits their bank details to redeem a Cashgram we will initiate a bank transfer from Merchant’s account to the customer’s bank account. If at that time the underlying bank systems are facing a downtime will send this transaction to a pending state. Once the bank systems are up and running we will process all these pending transactions.