Find answers to how to inform the user about Cashgram sent? How user identity is verified? and more

Q. How do I let a user know that I have generated a Cashgram for them?

You can use the dashboard to notify the user about their Cashgram. We will notify the customer over email or SMS. 

Q. How will you verify user identity for Cashgram? 

We authenticate users using OTP so that only authorized users can view/redeem a Cashgram. Without a valid OTP, nobody can view/redeem a particular Cashgram.

Q. Will I be notified if the Cashgram I generated is used?

Once the customer redeems a Cashgram its status changes from ACTIVE to REDEEMED instantly. You will be able to view this on the dashboard. You will also be notified over email once a Cashgram has been successfully redeemed. 

Q. What happens if the Cashgram is never used? 

Every Cashgram has an expiry date. If the Cashgram is not redeemed before this expiry date, the Cashgram will become inactive. No one will be able to view/redeem such an inactive Cashgram.